Feel the Love

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Feel the Love

As the end of the year rolls out, everyone starts making their “best of” lists. It feels a little hollow when someone says “The Giant Claw is the best action film of the year!” around February, because really, what do you have to compare it to? But now, when the end of the year looms in the horizon, it’s golden to be called The Best Of.

IGN named The Unwritten the best new series of 2009, to which we say, “aw shucks, thanks.” It’s positively delightful to find that our hard work is paying off. It’s been a banner year for Vertigo, so to come out on top feels like we should be toasting with the good wine.

MultiversityComics returns, naming The Unwritten the series to read for the next decade. Our new year’s resolution is to live up to the expectation.

Over at Nerdage, Matt Price, features editor and comics blogger for The Oklahoman, put us in the number one slot for the best of 2009.

Newsarama reviews issue #8 and loves it. They also get bonus points for throwing in a Harry Potter reference, proof that lovers of the boy wizard can also take a crack at The Unwritten and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

#8 also gets praise over at CBR, referring to the art as “sublime.”

So what’s in our future? Well I can tell you that…

– We’ve been tempting the squirrels close to the studio for reference with acorns (or maybe we just googled them).

– Hitler had a whole slew of German Shepherds and reused the named “Blondi” at least twice.

– Variations of The Hand of Fatima exist in several cultures, having parallels in others.