Executive search, What is the difference between executive search and recruitment?  

When your company has an executive position that needs to be filled, you want to look for the best candidate for the job. After all, at the executive level, this person will lead departments and make major decisions that will impact the company. You want to use the most effective approach to find the right talent for your organization. In the business world, you might have come across terms like “executive search” and “recruiter”. They are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are actually some differences. So, for an executive search, what is the difference between executive search and recruitment?

Either approach usually involves your using an outside agency to help you find the right candidates. The agencies have a wide network which they can tap for leads. They do the initial review of whether the candidate has the qualifiications for the position and will do the preliminary vetting to screen for the ones with the most potential and highest likelihood to be a good fit.

An agency that specializes in executive searches focuses on individuals who have senior level experience in managing teams. Candidates are accustomed to leading large departments and overseeing their performance. They have experience with strategic planning and are usually involved with high-level meetings that discuss business direction, company vision, and make major decisions that move toward that direction. The agency might narrow the search to executives by industry so they can a pool with the best knowledge for that industry.

A recruiter, on the other hand, does not only target high-level executives. They can also work with networks of people who might be in middle-management, supervisors, or even the general employee not in a supervisory role. They might broaden their coverage to other industries even though the position is in one type of industry. So, their reach is usually broader than that of an agency who only performs executive searches.

The method in which the search is conducted can also have some differences. In an executive search, the agent might employ proactive approaches to find candidates. They might reach out to executives who are currently employed, but who continue to network in their industry to keep their options open. These candidates might not be looking for another position actively, but are willing to entertain possibilities. It is not uncommon that these executives are found in companies that are in direct competition to the company that is hiring.

A recruiter usually targets people who are actively seeking for a job. They can be unemployed currently, or they might be looking for a new position. They might have submitted their resumes to job boards and posted on business social media. Sometimes job seekers might list with multiple recruiters to broaden their base so they can interview for more than one job.

A general recruiter might be satisfied if the qualifications of the candidate fills the requirements of the position. However, an executive search will go a step further. In addition to the job qualifications, the agent might look at whether the candidate is a good fit for the culture of the company. The candidate’s work philosophy, leadership style, and other unquantifiable aspects might come into play. The agent might arrange for several meetings with other executive level personnel of the company so they can determine if the canditate is a good fit.

An executive search should be done thoughtfully and not be rushed through. Stakes are high at this level. If the wrong person is hired for the job, it can lead the company down the wrong direction. So, work with a reputable executive search firm to find the perfect candidate to fill strategic, high-level positions.

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Dog behavior, Obedience Training Tips and Advice

Dog training is the secret to well-behaved dogs. You don’t pray that your dog will learn how to fetch or sit on its own. You definitely can’t teach your dog tricks by letting it sit with you in front of the TV while the both of you watch dog training tutorials on YouTube. Dog training is tricky and sometimes it can be tiring but once you see the outcome of your hard work you will find that it is indeed worthwhile. Every effort you put into training your dog will be worth it in the end.

Skills are taught. You can either teach your dog yourself or you can hire a professional dog trainer. Whatever works for you but make sure that during training, you are using the proper dog training methods. If you choose to train your dog by yourself you need to be patient, persistent and you need to spend a great deal of time doing research. Apparently, certain training methods can be detrimental to your dog’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. So be very careful with the technique of training you use. If you choose to hire a dog trainer, research is also necessary. Check the trainer’s credentials, experience and make sure you ask what training method he or she will use on your dog. This will give you an idea and peace of mind of what your dog is about to go through during training.

If you want to know more about obedience training before you start, read on.

What Is The Relevance of Obedience Training?

There’s more to obedience training than entertainment. Knowing the basics of obedience training is actually for your dog’s safety. One example of this is having a strong recall. A well-trained dog will respond fast and come back to you to safety especially when it’s about to cross a busy highway. Another example would be dropping a toxic substance instead of swallowing it when you say the command words “drop it”.

Basic Tips on Obedience Training

Start training early – training can start anytime but the earlier you train your dog the better. If you have pups, train them ASAP but if you bought an adult dog, we suggest you check what the dog knows and start from there. When you start training your dog early you will develop a much stronger bond with your dog. Plus, the skills will be embedded in its mind.

Check what your dog likes – contrary to popular belief, not all dogs share the same predilection. This means not all dogs get excited at the thought of food, some prefer playtime while others prefer toys. It’s important to identify what treats your dog values so you can keep your dog motivated and focused during training. We also recommend you set aside different rewards for different accomplishments. In other words, your rewards should be based on the importance or the level of the skill.

Training should be fun – training should be fun so that your dog will be motivated to want to do it again. It’s your job to make it fun. To do that, experts recommend using positive reinforcement and incorporating games during training sessions.

Use the same cues – be consistent with the cues you use to avoid confusion. When you use the same cues you can expect to get the same response from your dog.


Dogs are friendly, obedient and they are intelligent beings. Several pieces of training are enough to teach your dog how to do tricks and obey commands, you just have to use the right methodology to get the results you want.

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History, Address History and SSN Trace Report

Doing a background check on any individual can yield a substantial amount of information. The older that the individual is, the more likely it is that your trace reports on their Social Security number, as well as their address history, will be quite comprehensive. Over the course of time, people will move to different locations. This could be for college, new jobs, or perhaps they have a career that forces them to travel. There are others, however, that are simply grifters that are moving from city to city on a regular basis. Based on the information that you read when obtaining my previous address history , as well as their Social Security number trace report, you can make assessments about them using this information. This is how you will be able to properly utilize this info which can be very detailed on the people that you need to do a background research project on.

Why Background Research Reports Are Useful

Employers are going to use everything within their power to only hire the best people. They may have a resume that provides one form of information. This is usually tailored to present each individual in the best possible way. However, a background check is usually what will make or break their decision to hire someone to work for them. It is an excellent way to verify job claims, and also to determine whether or not they have lived at the places they have listed on their resume.

How To Utilize Address History Information

The information about the address history for any individual can give you some insight as to the type of person that they are and the type of life they have lived. It may tell you that an individual has only moved twice in their life, whereas others may have moved 10 or more times in the last few years. Those that have a track record for stability will likely be at the top of your list, especially if they worked at a specific job for many years at one location. However, people that have moved continuously, working at multiple locations, may not be the best choice for your business.

What Is A Social Security Number Trace Report?

This is a search that will use multiple databases to trace the activities and movements of any individual with a Social Security number. This number is often used by businesses that are hiring people. It can also be used when people are going to school, apply for loans, or if they are moving to different locations. Lending institutions, credit card companies, universities, and even utility companies will ask for their Social Security number. This number is tied to many of the choices that you make, creating a literal and virtual paper trail. In regard to tracing them, trace returns will show you jurisdictions, aliases they may have used, and help you understand where they have been over the years. Although it may not be completely detrimental that they are moving a lot, it does get problematic if they have not disclosed to you things that are easily verifiable on these reports. The veracity and honesty of that individual can be challenged when these data points do not match up. That’s why it is important to run SSN traces and also do standard background reports.

How Can You Get These Done?

An example of how these are done involves an individual being directed to a local sheriff’s office or similar facility. There are professionals there that will have access to the information regarding individuals that are applying for a job. You will be provided with the trace reports from their Social Security number and other information tied to this very personal number. Whether this is in your town, or in a city close by, they will all provide you with relevant information that is up-to-date.

It is imperative that you learn as much about potential employees before hiring them. If you find out information, later on, it may not be as helpful. Learning this early, you can make a quick decision as to whether or not to hire someone for a job. If they want one, they will certainly be honest, and all of your searches will only yield information that they have verified helping you to make the right decision.

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How to Choose ADA Compliance Pros?

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed in the 1990s, it changes the way that businesses operated. This law is designed to help those that suffer from certain disabilities, allowing them to more easily go into areas where businesses are operating. This can be anything from a shopping mall to a school, and these changes that are mandated must be abided by. Let’s go over what the ADA is, what businesses must do, and how you can find ADA compliance pros that can help you and your business become compliant with this law that guarantees the same opportunities for all Americans.

What Is The ADA?

When this was signed into law, the ADA immediately became one of the most comprehensive laws to prevent any type of discrimination against those with disabilities. For example, businesses need to have ramps, elevators, and other additions to their business that will cater to those that suffer from disabilities. The same is true for people that own and operate websites. These must also be ADA compliant to some degree. Ensuring that your business is completely compliant with this law, you will need to consult with ADA compliance pros that can help prevent your business from being sued due to lack of compliance.

What Does the ADA Require of Businesses?

Specifically, any business that employs 15 people or more needs to abide by this law. This applies to both local and state businesses, as well as governmental establishments, plus labor organizations and employment agencies as well. This law requires that the construction, design, and elements of any building or facility that disabled people can use accommodate their specific disability. If a business is ever reviewed, and it is determined that they are not compliant, they will be required to fully comply or face consequences.

How Does This Apply to Digital Properties?

Although physical properties are specifically addressed by the ADA, websites are now being looked at more carefully. In general, people that have hearing disabilities, or have lost their ability to see, need to have a way of finding their way around a website. This could pertain to the organization of the website, and the availability of both audio files and videos that will make it easier for the hearing and seeing impaired to navigate the website. To ensure that your physical or digital property is compliant, you must consult with compliance pros that specialize in ADA standards.

How to Find Businesses That Offer These Services?

By simply searching for ADA compliance professionals, you will be led to several different websites offering these services. They will likely have a physical office, phone number, and certainly an email address that will allow you to contact them very easily. They can come out to your location to tell you what needs to be changed or upgraded, plus they can visit your website to do an assessment. Based upon their recommendations, you can quickly determine how much it will cost and how long it will take to become fully compliant with the ADA.

It is so important to comply with the ADA. If your business does have 15 or more people, this must be done. By working with a reputable ADA compliance professional, they can quickly resolve any and all issues. It is recommended that you get quotes from different companies that offer these services. This will ensure that you are getting help from the best company at a reasonable cost. The combination of the cost of their services, and the cost of upgrading your facility, can be minimized by simply working with the best company that offers affordable services.

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